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Ecuadorian actress and screenwriter based in Mexico. She graduated from C.E.C.C. (Barcelona, Spain), and is an alumni of the Art of Acting Stella Adler Studio (Los Angeles, USA), specializing in the Stella Adler technique. With a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's in Screenwriting, she has been a key member of the main cast in several episodes of the successful Ecuadorian web series "Enchufe TV".

In Mexico, she has appeared in series like "Clínica X" (Sony) and "Ojitos de Huevo" (Netflix), and films such as "La Madre" (Tubi) and "Los dos hemisferios de Lucca" (Netflix). Additionally, she's worked in Mexican telenovelas like "Mina de Pasiones" and "Juegos Interrumpidos" (Televisa). Alejandra has also directed casting for films, including the student EMMY winner "Welcome Back" (HBO Max).

She's written and directed numerous theater plays. In 2022, she premiered her first solo performance, "Abril y su sombra", in Ecuador and Mexico.

Currently, she is working on the development of her television series "El Método", a dark thriller that exposes the abuses that often occur in the industry.

demo reel 2022

demo reel 2022

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